Letters to the Editor

Phi Gamma Pi left out of Greek life article

Dear Editor:

I am writing to inform you that Marisa Dalessandro wrote a misinformed article in the Stater. In her article about Greek life, Ms. Dalessandro wrote that there are six sororities in Kent State’s Panhellenic Council. She was incorrect — there are seven. I can see where the mistake could be made, for Phi Gamma Pi was not active for a year. The Greek Life Web site has not been updated since the chapter reformed. However, many know that only using one source is a bad idea, in both the academic and journalistic contexts. Thank you for your time, and I hope that Ms. Dalessandro will be more thorough in her research for her next article.

Nikki Hroncich

Senior Integrated Language Arts major

Phi Gamma Pi Sorority

Not everything should be published in Stater

Dear Editor:

I’m not angry at Dmitry Chernikov for having an opinion. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinions. I really do believe this. No matter what illogical, misinformed, hate-fueled philosophy goes into forming a person’s opinions, it is his or her right to hold those opinions regardless of how many people are offended by them. Everyone has his or her reasons. Everyone has his or her stories.

However, just because someone has an opinion doesn’t mean that his or her opinion should be published, especially not in a forum such as the Stater. If this had simply been a letter to the editor sent from a casual reader, I might not be writing this. But you’ve granted Chernikov the honor of being a guest columnist. Regardless of any disclaimers, this bestowed title suggests to the reader that the Stater approves of his message.

Chernikov’s article is brimming over with blatant hate speech and ridiculous accusations against the homosexual community AND the government, for which he offers no logical supporting arguments. His paranoid rambling is hardly befitting a graduate student of philosophy attending a respected university. Is Kent State proud of turning out such an enlightened student?

Someone like Chernikov perhaps deserves sympathy for living in a state of such utter hatred for, and fear of, people who do not follow his narrow-minded ideals, but he does not deserve free press from a university publication. Has Chernikov heard of the Internet? I’m sure there are plenty of forums and communities there where he could vent to his heart’s content.

Heather E. Jaborsky

Transfer student and office assistant in the

Department of Research, Planning, and

Institutional Effectiveness

No problem with AFSCME support

Dear Editor:

I am confused by the consensus opinion of the Summer Kent Stater editorial board published in the Aug. 17 edition. I spoke with Ray Davis about it, and he assured me that there is no problem with the ongoing support AFSCME is receiving. I, of course, do not know the source or sources of misinformation you proclaim, but I think you should check your facts.

Up until now I have thought that the Stater‘s coverage of the negotiations has been well-informed and well-balanced.

Tracy A. Laux

President, NTT Unit