Editorial board back in business

Another semester is upon us, and the Daily Kent Stater is back in business. This means the Stater editorial board will begin its bi-weekly meetings and debates to bring you, the reader, our consensus opinion on topics ranging from world news and events to city and campus issues.

The five members of our board are listed to the left and include our editor-in-chief, forum editor, assistant forum editor and two editorial writers. As with most staff editorials, these are written anonymously by one member of the board. It’s not that we are ashamed of our opinions, but to attribute an editorial to a specific member draws away from the idea that this is the opinion of all, not just one.

Each member of the board writes. Though two of our members have the title of “editorial writer,” this does not mean they are the only ones who are putting their personal touches on the editorials. You will notice small nuances of character that each of us injects into our writing. Some of us take a light-hearted view on issues, while others take a more straight-forward approach. We hope, whether you agree or disagree with our consensus, that we can spark some conversation and debate among our readers.

Many people on campus say this is a liberal-biased newspaper. You may be in for a surprise with this semester’s editorials.

Though we have yet to dive into many hard news stories, we have a feeling there may be a more conservative — or at least moderate — twist on the opinions presented on the Forum page.

Our board includes those who are strictly conservative and liberal, yet other members — the political “bi-curious” if you will — who describe themselves as “moderate-liberal” and “moderate-conservative.” This could lead to some very unusual stances on the news, at least as far as Stater history is concerned. We hope that with our balanced political and personal views, we can offer the same “fair and balanced” views of Fox News fame.

When we sit down for a meeting, we don’t ask, “What can we write about to start a controversy?” That’s not what we are here for.

We know we are on a college campus. This is why we often find the time to stray from hard news for a day to discuss issues in pop culture, health and other stories that the typical college student may find interesting.

This is our opinion, and welcome to it. So love us, hate us — just read us.

The above editorial is the consensus opinion of the Daily Kent Stater editorial board.