Legendary columnist finds new life as editorial writer

Tony Cox

For the last three semesters, I’ve been the Daily Kent Stater’s resident conservative columnist, winning the hearts and minds of readers the world over with my articulate commentary. I’ve slain untruth with my superhuman intellect and delighted the populace with my razor-sharp wit. I’m Northeast Ohio’s answer to William F. Buckley, so to speak.

Some have credited me with single-handedly winning the election for President Bush in 2004. Others point to me as the reason why there has not been a single terrorist attack on American soil in the post-9/11 era. Still, others insist that I am solely responsible for spurring on the nation’s burgeoning economy.

While I cannot take credit for these things — at least not all the credit — I can say that it has been an honor and a pleasure to be the voice of Kent State’s silent majority. Nothing gave me more pleasure than receiving a rambling, incoherent e-mail from a liberal who was enraged by my columns or getting a word of thanks from someone for “sticking up for the rest of us.”

But the winds of change are blowing across the terrestrial paradise that we call Portage County. I have decided to step out of the limelight as a weekly columnist. I’ll still send pinkos running to the rat holes from whence they came in my spare time, but my duties at the Daily Kent Stater now find me situated on the editorial board. As such, I’ll be responsible for offering an unbiased reflection of the board’s consensus opinion on the topic of the day, whatever that topic happens to be. Sometimes it may pertain to decisions made by administrators here at Kent State. Other times it will have to do with actions taken by our elected officials in Columbus and Washington. I can promise that the editorial board will fully utilize our First Amendment right to free speech, and I can promise that we will not “tow the party line” or kowtow to anyone with whom we disagree simply because they hold a title or position.

However, I can’t assure that everyone will find every opinion to his or her liking. In fact, there will likely be much disagreement among the masses.

But that’s the point, really. In my not-so-humble opinion, the editorial board’s main responsibility is to foster discussion — and occasionally, debate — on the important happenings at Kent State, across Ohio and throughout this great country of ours. I’m especially concerned with this university. I’ve always said that Kent State is only about a half-step away from being a really fantastic place to go to school, and I’ll do whatever small part I can to make sure that this final step is taken.

Every day decisions are being made that have a direct impact on the way we live our lives and only thoughtful and informed citizens will be able to generate change where change is needed. I’m proud to be a part of that process.

Tony Cox is a senior philosophy major and editorial writer for the Daily Kent Stater. Contact him at [email protected].