Terrace site looked at for parking facility

Jessica Dreschel

Terrace Hall could become part of the solution to campus parking woes, according to the recommendation from a local committee.

A group comprised of Kent city residents and Kent State administrators has recommended a parking facility where Terrace Hall is. In late July, the committee released their proposal to Kent City Manager Dave Ruller and David Creamer, vice president of administration.

“Including the community makes both the committee and citizens better informed and reduces animosity,” committee member Beth Oswitch said. “It’s a positive thing.”

Oswitch said Kent State and the committee will continue to hold “neighborhood meetings” as work on the project continues.

Creamer said the plans for the parking solution are not completed. Final plans are at least 12 months away, because Terrace Hall is still occupied. The hall will remain open for as long as it is needed to house students, Creamer said, but he anticipates it will close next fall.

However, a decision about a parking facility needs to combine community and university interests, Creamer said. Kent residents’ concerns include air, noise and light pollution as well as increased traffic through the neighborhoods near Terrace Hall, according to the proposal.

The proposed Terrace Hall site is the first of three plans geared toward improving the overall transportation system in and around Kent, said Thomas Clapper, manager of transportation services for Kent State. The plans aim to increase pedestrian orientation, enhance a vibrant downtown Kent and maintain strong residential areas.

“The goal is to not let transportation shape the community, but to let the community shape transportation,” Clapper said.

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