WEB EXCLUSIVE: Rocky Horror rocks the Weathervane

Heather Beyer

“Let’s do the time warp again” is an infamous line from an even more infamous show. The Weathervane Playhouse has been running The Rocky Horror Show from June 15 and will continue to do so until July 10.

Richard O’Brien, whose life coincidentally could be made into a musical itself, created this show.

Rocky Horror is a show that defies as the conventions of musical theater. When Richard O’Brien sought to create this little gem, he had every intention of rebelling against the social mores of his time.

This is an insanely raunchy show. It also relies heavily on audience participation. The audience really adds to the excitement. They yell obscure comments at random, fight with the narrator and throw various objects from the prop bags that are available for purchase.

The setting for this thrilling tale begins on a dark and stormy night. Janet, played by Alicia Marie Malone, and Brad, Scott Shriner, have just attended a friend’s wedding and Janet has just caught the bouquet. They head out into the country to pay a visit to an ex-science teacher, but when they get a flat tire, they must backtrack to a castle they passed a few miles back.

They set out into the pouring rain not knowing the truly bizarre adventure that awaits them. What seems to be a harmless castle turns out to be real nightmare when they are captured.

Brad and Janet meet an array of fascinating characters while in captivity, including a butler, a flock of fun-loving groupies, a fifties rock monster, the current “experiment,” the incestuous villain and Dr. Scott.

The vocals in the musical are phenomenal. Malone gives a powerful performance and has a brilliant voice. In some respects her character could be compared Doris Day or Sandra Dee. That is until she lets loose. Then she’s not so sweet and innocent anymore.

Brad is also a lovable character. He is a typical nerd who just wants to be with Janet. Shriner does a brilliant job in his portrayal. He has a strong stage presence. It takes a talented actor to take on this part but he unquestionably has the abilities to do it.

Frank, played by Joseph Bishara, is the villain who also happens to be a transvestite from the planet Transsexual. He plays his part with enormous confidence and power. Among his many stellar numbers are, “Sweet Transvestite,” “I Can Make You a Man” and “ Planet Schmanet.”

Rocky Horror is certainly a fun show to watch, but it takes a great deal of humility for those actors and actresses to get up on that stage and do what they do every night. They push their talents and abilities to the extreme through their portrayals. Their love for their craft was invariably present through their performance.

Tickets are still available. Call the box office at 330-836-2626 between 10 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday for more information.

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