WEB EXCLUSIVE: AAUP Members Reject Contract Proposal

Bethany Jones

Members of the American Association of University Professors voted overwhelmingly to reject a faculty contract offer yesterday by a vote of 312 to 32.

Four ballots were invalid, and one ballot was abstained.

Cheryl Casper, Kent State chapter president of the AAUP and professor of economics, the union representing faculty members, said that voter turnout was record breaking, with nearly 70 percent of AAUP members voting. Ballots were mailed out to about 500 members.

“I thought it was excellent, almost commendable,” she said.

Casper said that one ballot was mailed from Europe and another was shipped by Express Mail, costing over $13.

Ron Kirksey, executive director of University Communications, said the university, “was disappointed by the vote but not surprised by it.”

Kirksey said that the university is now waiting to hear from the union.

“Our last, best and final offer has already been made,” he said.

Casper declined to comment on what immediate steps will be taken.

An AAUP executive committee meeting is scheduled at 11 a.m. today and an AAUP council meeting at 1:30 p.m. The AAUP Council has representatives from almost all faculty departments.

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