Meet the 2020 Undergraduate Student Government Candidates


The campaign flyer for Tiera Moore, who is running for Kent State’s Student Body President position, adorns a bulletin board in Franklin Hall.

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Kent State students will have an opportunity to vote in this year’s USG election and cast their votes for next year’s officers.

“Senators for colleges are elected,” said Megan Milam, junior political science major and this year’s election commissioner. “Anyone can vote for directors and president, but college senators are voted on by their own college.”

According to USG’s website, there are 25 officials elected each spring to serve a one-year term. There are eight directors that cover specific areas of student life and 16 senators that cover different university demographics of students.

The goal of USG is to provide a direct line of communication between students and university administration. They work as the voice of the students and put students first.

“Many people are not very knowledgeable about what USG is,” Milam said. “It’s not a political group, it’s just for the students. We focus on things like mental health, student debt and freedom of speech.”

Candidates are given a packet with roles and positions listed, a candidacy agreement and rules of campaigning. Students are required to collect 226 undergraduate petition signatures in order to run for their preferred position. 

“We push that people are focusing on the students,” Milam said. “This year we’re really making sure people campaign on their own time, [so] when they’re in the office and in meetings they are focused.”

Elections are March 10 and 11 from 7 a.m to 5 p.m. Students can vote online at the USG website or on Flashline. Write-in voting options are also available, but the written name would not appear on the ballot and they cannot participate in any USG organized events. 

Other candidates who are running but did not respond to the emails are Thomas Niepsuj, the Director of Academic Affairs candidate, Jaiden White, the Director of Business and Finance candidate, Matthew Misch, the Director of Governmental Affairs candidate and Maegan Brown, the Senator of the College of Public Health candidate. 

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