Don’t drive by Super Fly

Heather Beyer

Weekly car show at Chapel Hill Target parking lot

While stopped at one of the numerous stoplights on Howe Avenue Sunday night, a “pimped” car lined with chrome turned into the Target parking lot. It joined lines of multi-colored, shiny cars displayed for fun.

Every Sunday from 6 to 10:30 p.m., local car enthusiasts get together for “Super Fly Sunday.” This is the first season the event is being held at the Cuyahoga Falls/Chapel Hill Target location.

“All cars are welcome,” explained event founder Jason Briggs.

Super Fly Sunday originated in Merriman Valley around five years ago, Briggs, a Cuyahoga Falls native, said. The show used to cater to roughly 5 to 10 cars but has grown significantly since its creation.

After receiving permission from the retail store and the local police department, Super Fly took up residence in Target’s parking lot.

“We try to keep the show secure and clean,” Briggs said.

Some of the cars on display have had professional work done, but many have been worked on by the owners themselves, Briggs said. Some owners believe that it is cheaper just to do the work themselves.

Each week, a vast array of cars are flaunted at the show. One can find anything from a Lancer Evo to a Toyota Supra 350Z, the same car shown in the movie The Fast and the Furious.

The show attracts a variety of people, from high school to college-aged students.

“I like the different cars and seeing how decked out they can get,” said Andi Souza, 16, a Stow High School student. This was her first time at the event and she hopes to visit again.

Tony Dipane, a Moody Bible Institute student, is another car enthusiast. As a child, he said he always wanted to take things apart and put them back together again.

Dipane used to show his own car at various shows until he sold it. Now he just enjoys attending. He describes the Super Fly event as a place with “no pressure and just a place to hang out.”

Dipane said “people are very respectful” toward the cars.

While showing his car at other events, Dipane encountered several instances where he had to ask people not to touch his car. There was even an occasion where someone actually got into his car and starting touching all the controls.

The Super Fly show is a weekly event in the spring and summer. However, the location may change in the future because of the high number of cars that participate each week. The current location can showcase up to 200 cars.

Although the location isn’t decided, the show will still be kept within Akron.

“It’s all up in the air right now,” said Briggs.

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