Copy and Design Services: unique facilities for students on campus

Natalie Pillsbury

The location of Copy and Design Services, a facility where art and graphic design students can have their work professionally photographed, in the library may seem odd.

Located on the third floor, the center serves students and faculty on campus for everything from art portfolios to printing posters.

“We’re here for the campus,” said Diana Sperko, manager of Copy and Design Services.

The center serves mostly students, but faculty and some alumni use the services as well, Sperko said.

“We try not to compete with local businesses,” Sperko said. “We ask if potential clients have a KSU connection.”

The most specialized service offered is portfolio photography, said Hilary Kennedy, photographer and designer and Kent State graduate.

The facility houses a professional photography studio, which has specialized equipment to mount artwork for photographing.

Kennedy said she mainly photographs art for student portfolios. Her subjects range from textiles to paintings.

“Every week it’s something new and exciting,” Kennedy said. “Always a new challenge.”

She described a large sculpture made of wax that she needed assistance moving in and out of the studio.

“It was a challenge because it was so heavy. The piece was a wax pedestal with a leg coming out,” Kennedy said. “It left a drag mark of wax of the floor of the studio.”

Kennedy said she enjoys the unique pieces and figuring out how best to capture them.

Requests are most frequent for senior art student portfolios, which can be made digital or on a CD.

Copy and Design Services also works in photo artwork, still artwork, printing maps and architectural drawings, Sperko said.

To request services, clients simply schedule an appointment.

“We’re here to meet a person’s needs and comfort level,” Sperko said. “We often work one on one. Requests range from printed images to digital portfolios.”

Kennedy said the digital format appeals especially to graphic design students.

“We’re moving more toward digital,” Kennedy said. “We’re exploring helping the art history department convert their slide images to digital. The challenge is that there are so many images and they all need to be cataloged.”

Kennedy said Copy and Design Services is trying to become more recognized.

“We want to get the word out there and let students know about the services offered,” Kennedy said.

After a client schedules an appointment, most projects have a turnaround of two weeks, Kennedy said.

The end of the semester is generally the busiest time.

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