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Finals week alters parking options

During finals week, some permit holders may be allowed to park in different lots, said Randy Ristow, manager at Parking Services.

Summit East permit holders, Allerton Sports Complex permit holders and evening and weekend permit holders will be allowed to park in commuter lots during finals week, Ristow said.

Specific commuter lot permit holders, such as C-Science permit holders, will also be allowed to park in any commuter lot, he said.

After noon Wednesday, stadium residence hall permit holders will be allowed to park in commuter lots, Ristow said.

All other rules and regulations will remain the same.

—Lauren Frankovich


Error gives free spring tuition — temporarily

Some students who checked their bills through Web for Students yesterday may have noticed a $3,752 credit to their account: the amount of spring tuition.

But they shouldn’t start making plans for that money just yet.

A system error caused 40 students’ accounts to incorrectly display the credit and show the amount of tuition owed as zero, said Sara Lynn Charleston, manager of the Bursar’s Office.

The error occurred when the system scan, which runs nightly, reached a line in the tuition table that had been eliminated.

Charleston said the department is not sure why or how it happened, but “somehow that line in the table was erased,” and the computer inadvertently read that line as being zero tuition.

No refunds were issued. Charleston said that wouldn’t have a been a problem because refunds are reviewed individually.

The Bursar’s Office noticed the problem yesterday morning when it saw the credit balance was way off, but it did receive some calls throughout the day. When students called, the department fixed the accounts. All the accounts were to be fixed last night when the scan was run.

—Meranda Watling