Gaborko captures poker tournament title

Drew Gaborko is moving up in the TV world thanks to his victory at Kent State Poker Showdown Sunday at Eastway.

Gaborko, sophomore exploratory major, earned a 20-inch flat screen TV and a DVD player for his win in the tournament. Not bad for someone who was previously using a seven-inch TV and his Sony PlayStation for a DVD player.

“I was excited. Five bucks for a TV and DVD player sounds like a bargain to me,” said Gaborko, referring to his entry fee.

Gaborko said confidence played a large part in the victory. He made the declaration to several friends that he would win the tournament upon signing up.

However, luck also played a part, he said. At one point, Gaborko had the advantage in a hand with a ace and king combination. After the flop, however, he went down and held only about a 20 percent chance of winning. However, he came out victorious.

Tha t appeared to be the turning point as Gaborko used strategy the rest of the way.

“I felt really confident I could use my chips to bully around the shorter stacks,” he said.

The tournament ran for the last two Sundays and was put on by the Kent Presbyterian Church.

—Matt Peters