Daily Kent Stater

Social group was misrepresented

Dear Editor:

As members of the International Socialist Organization who distribute the Socialist Worker, we are concerned about the recent article by Michael Kapronic that ran on March 28. In his article, he misquotes the March 4 issue of the Socialist Worker. He claims we stated, “To deprive the military of new recruits (is) to pull the trigger.” What the Socialist Worker really wrote was, “By depriving the military of new recruits to pull triggers, repair vehicles and run supply missions, the anti-war movement can disrupt Washington’s war machine.”

Another problem we have with his article is his declaration that the specific issue of the Socialist Worker to which he refers makes no mention of kicking out recruiters because they discriminate against gays. If Michael Kapronic knew anything about our politics, he would know that we have a strong line against homophobic bigotry. He is right, however, when he claims that our dedication to removing military recruiters from campus is part of an “anti-imperialist agenda.” We want to make it clear that while it is part of that agenda, it is part of an anti-discriminatory agenda as well. We have no shame that we are both anti-war and pro-civil rights.

Robert Hare and Jeremy Radabaugh

International Socialist Organization


America isn’t what jerks think it is

Dear Editor:

Thanks for publishing the ridiculous letter by Dr. Assad Piño, claiming that what we Americans need is more phony Native American poseur plagiarist, assaultive, wife-beating, non-degreed, art-counterfeiting “professors” running around accusing the 9/11 victims of being “little Eichmanns” and calling for people to overthrow the American government.

By freely publishing the bizarre seditious libels of such despicable losers, you once again demonstrate that American society is precisely the opposite of what these jerks claim it to be.

I have two questions for “Dr.” Piño: (1) Where would he be now had he made a similar statement about the Castro regime in his country of origin? and (2) If America is everything he claims it to be, why is he here and not back home in Cuba fighting the good fight?

John Huettner

Cleveland, Ohio