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KSU not making reasonable effort for its employees

Dear Editor:

I am a full-time Kent State University custodial employee in Campus Environment and Operations and therefore in the bargaining unit. The director of my department has segregated the bargaining unit members in his department, as he will not allow us to attend any human resources workshops or training seminars on university-paid working time.

I signed up for the faculty/staff assistance workshop, “Becoming a More Resilient Self,” and was told I had to use my vacation or comp time if I wanted to go. Human Resources encourages university employees to attend these workshops and seminars and permits them to be there “on the clock,” or on university time.

I want Kent State to change how it advertises these training and learning opportunities offered through Human Resources, because not all of us are permitted to attend as they have in mind.

The March 21 edition of the eInside Human Resources Question of the Week was: “Can I participate in training or other university-sponsored programs during working hours?” It was answered: “Managers and supervisors are expected to make a reasonable effort to release employees who want to attend these programs and events on university-paid working time.” Mine made no effort at all.

I am told by my department that I am essential personnel, and they cannot afford to have me away from my work site for the one hour it would require for the workshop. Why am I not considered essential when it comes to my paycheck? Why am I allowed to spend half of my shift getting recertified for CPR on university-paid working time, but not an hour to learn how to be a more resilient self?

It seems to me that learning to be more resilient would be the more appropriate skill to learn when you work at Kent State.

Jennifer McIlvaine

CE&O custodian, senior finance major


A forgotten want ad

Dear Editor:

Advertisement rejected by Bob Patrick:


New columnist with actual sense of humor with full head of hair. Applicants with two first names need not apply.

Dan Anthony

Freshman exploratory major