Cleveland band to make a Decadent appearance at The Rathskeller

Allison Bugg

It would be hard for Berea resident David Kay to give up his passion for being an artist. It would be even harder for him to give up playing guitar or singing in a band.

His Cleveland-based band Decadent has been a “work in progress” for the past three and a half years but has finally stabilized with four solid musicians.

Kay met North Royalton resident Brian Shepard through an advertisement for guitar players. The two began working on new material almost immediately while playing with various artists around the area.

But it didn’t take long for Broadview Heights resident and bassist Mike Curtin to join the ‘70s rock/post-punk band.

Throughout the years, Kay said Decadent has experienced many changes, from adding instruments such as keyboards and dropping them, to switching drummers and playing style.

The current drummer, who joined almost a year ago, is Cleveland resident Eric Mey.

“The lineup we have now really provides the rock sound I’ve been looking for,” Kay said. “We all have similar influences but different styles and motivations, so we draw off each other to create our sound and it’s really working for us.”

Some of those influences most prevalent in the group’s music come from The Cure, David Bowie and the Rolling Stones.

The band is currently recording eight songs at the Neon Cactus in Akron, Kay said. It’s the group’s first full-length CD entitled Black Beauties and should be ready for release within the next three months.

While the band enjoys the studio time, Kay said it becomes stressful because there are time restraints and it’s expensive. But when it comes to performing, he said he prefers it because the audience provides feedback and energy.

“Currently, we’re not actively seeking shows because we’re concentrating on recording, but when people ask us to play with them we do,” he said.

The band will next play the Rathskeller Monday with fellow Clevelanders, State of Being.

Since all four members currently work full time jobs, it’s hard for them to set up any kind of tour to promote their new album. But Kay said he’s trying to book a couple shows in Pittsburgh and throughout Ohio for later this summer.

He added that everyone enjoys being in this band and making music, but it’s not realistic for them to rely on it financially.

“Right now, we’re having fun and continuing to collaborate on new material,” he said.

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