Iron Chef competition held in Eastway cafeteria

Chris Williams, freshman business administration major, assists during the Iron Chef competition in Eastway cafeteria yesterday. The team took second place in the contest.

Credit: Beth Rankin

Students cloaked in long aprons and tall chef hats anxiously gathered around a table with a mysterious mound covered in a white cloth. Suddenly, the cloth was removed, and a heap of onions was revealed.

A different array of onions was the secret ingredient unveiled in Eastway’s Iron Chef competition, an event sponsored by Kent Interhall Council, Residence Services and Dining Services.

Six contestants participated last night in the culinary competition with the same basis as the hit show on the Food Network. To create a tasty delight for the judging panel, each competitor was given 45 minutes and three main ingredients: 8 ounces of broccoli, 8 ounces of tuna and two packets of Ramen noodles.

The competitors also were allowed one extra basic ingredient of their choice and an assistant to help in creating the entree.

KIC adviser Kristin Smith said the goal was to use things that students could use everyday.

“We picked food you can find in the convenience stores, and the contestants can only use a burner and a microwave, like you would find in the residence halls,” Smith said.

A panel of five judges sat around a round table, waiting for the dishes to be finished. The meals were judged on flavor, taste, temperature, appearance, showmanship and cleanliness. Ten extra points were given for bonus dishes prepared.

Brian Chojnowski and his assistant Lisa Montwori, sophomore education major, took home the first place prize of a $30 gift certificate for the Schwebel Garden Room.

—Alison Turner