Men of Kent State: Lose the bad fashion

Boys of Kent State — the time has come. Please give us a moment of your time, whether it is a break from your finals studying or maybe finals partying — whichever or whatever you’re doing a ton of now. We, the girls of Kent State, the ones you love to hate, have come forward with a little well-deserved and perfectly timed lesson in summer fashion. We know that you love to see the majority of us parading around in our extremely too short miniskirts once the winter weather breaks. So return us the favor… take these tips into consideration when picking out your summer apparel.

Rule No. 1 — NEVER TO BE BROKEN — Jean shorts were out of style before 90 percent of you were even born, so why are you still wearing them? They look cute on babies and toddlers, but don’t you think you’re a little too old to be cramping their style?

Rule No. 2 — Sandals were made for a reason. That reason is so your feet could get some air. So why are you wearing them with socks? Let your feet breathe — no socks with sandals.

Rule No. 3 — With warmer weather, the hats are lost. So we think it’s time for a hairstyle check up. Whatever your style, shaggy or short, leave the dye to the professionals. You may spend a measly 10 extra bucks additional to your five dollar hair cut. But keep in mind, most girls spend up to $80 to look fabulous. Either way it will be worth it, trust us. Some in-home colors end up looking like road kill on your head and if that’s your case, just leave your hat on.

Rule No. 4 — We understand that you’re jealous when the temperature is pushing 90 degrees and we are prancing around in our spaghetti strap tanks. We are sympathetic to the fact that layering shirts adds warmth to your body, but if you’re not going to suck it up and layer it up, please button it up. Only John Stamos can pull off chest hair peeking out the top of his unbuttoned, unlayered look, and none of you boys are him.

Rule No. 5 — Sweaty, stained, ripped, torn, worn, old gym apparel is to be worn at the gym and only the gym. We aren’t turned on by your armpit hair hanging out of your homemade tank tops. So leave your sleeves on your shirts, where they were put to begin with.

This article does not reflect the views and opinions of all Kent State girls — just a few fashion majors with a few things on their minds. So take this advice and do what you want with it, but thank you for your time.

Julie Kletter and Lisa Myers

Fashion merchandising majors.