Double your pleasure, double your fun

Kirsten Beverley

Twins hope commercial stardom is in future

Amber and Bambi Bibey are trying to become the next Doublemint Twins in a nationwide contest. Both of the Bibey twins are pre-med students; Bambi attends Kent State, and Amber attends Youngstown State.

Credit: Beth Rankin

Gum may be the ticket to stardom for twin sisters Bambi and Amber Bibey.

Bambi and Amber are one set of twins out of thousands trying for the chance to be the next Doublemint Twins.

“Bambi and I have always wanted to be Doublemint Twins and have been told numerous times that we should. Now we have been given an opportunity to follow this dream,” said Amber Bibey, freshman pre-med major at Youngstown State University.

But before any contracts can be signed, the two must wait anxiously as the judges sort through thousands of online entries and hundreds more casting calls in New York City and Chicago.

Each pair must submit a photo that showcases its personality and complete an application explaining what simple pleasures they enjoy in life in less than 500 words.

That’s why Bambi and Amber are turning to their classmates to give them a boost.

Students can vote for Bambi and Amber online at

The casting directors have the final vote, but each judge will take into consideration the online votes. Judges will name 15 semi-finalists and then notify the grand-prize winner in June.

The twins who win will receive $10,000, their faces plastered all over advertisements nationwide and the chance to be in the next Doublemint commercial.

“It’s the ultimate dream to be known as the Doublemint Twins. Whether something more comes out of it or not, the experience alone is a dream,” said Bambi Bibey, freshman pre-med major at Kent State.

Bambi and Amber agree that waiting is the hardest part of the process.

“It’s not so much nerve-wracking as exciting. I guess the anticipation of waiting to see whether or not we won can get overwhelming,” Bambi said.

It seems that across the nation, many are in support of the twins. Currently, they are ranked as one of the top five twins in the country. Perhaps the greatest cheerleader for these two is Bambi’s roommate.

“They should totally win. They’re cute. They’re fun. So vote for them,” said Sarah Machol, freshman fashion merchandising major.

The women said that being twins is something they enjoy and makes life as much as it is.

As for what simple pleasures these women enjoy in life, “What we love most is to double the pleasure of the taste of life by living in the moment of each day, being twins and having double the fun adventures,” said Bambi and Amber.

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