Daily Kent Stater

Humans should have more ethics than lions

Dear Editor:

I would like to make a short response to Matthew Finamore’s recently published revelation in the Stater that, for humans, eating meat is a natural function of the food chain. Mr. Finamore gave the example of a lion pouncing on its prey, stating a lion would never stop and wonder “is this ethical?”

It’s too bad Mr. Finamore looks to the lion as his role model for higher ethical reasoning. I prefer to believe humans, although biologically bound to the earth and all its creatures, have the mental capacity to reason and make choices. I have chosen not to consume the flesh of other feeling creatures.

Furthermore, Mr. Finamore should not make the assumption there is something natural about the modern factory farm industry, which mass produces genetically engineered animals, pumps them full of growth hormones and then artificially colors their dead flesh for display in a plastic case.


Nathan Solinsky

Senior conflict management major


Public needs to deal with war honestly

Dear Editor:

In correspondence to Mr. Greg Schwartz’s opinion column on the Iraq war, his wearing the shirt, “Bush sucks,” proves that he is no better than Mr. Bush. And instead of waking up and smelling the coffee, let’s take a few sips. War? What is it? I think people lose sight of the meaning of the word “War.” Every president goes through some fame, even if considered genocide. If Kerry, or any other president walked in when troops were being shipped out, they’d be just as guilty, no? Besides, this whole Iraq war is being far too played out, anymore. Parents of all the troops are reacting way too emotional about their “children.” People go into the military for a reason, and it’s not just to snap their boots and fold beds neatly after sleeping in them. Also, I don’t need photos of Iraq — I especially don’t need the media blasting them all over public television; that attention gives off ideas for the weirdos being produced. I have an imagination, do you? In Greg’s last statement, “We, the people, shall overcome.” Overcome what? Reality? A bad president? Life? Being vague never got us anywhere but being honest did.

Gabriela Nappo

Freshman magazine journalism major


Military should not recruit on campus

Dear Editor:

Michael Kapronica points out in the March 28 letters that the military is discriminatory, and it is not usually safe for social minorities such as gays. He alleges that the Kent State Anti-War Committee’s petition against Army recruiters on campus is not motivated by an attempt to fight discrimination in the military. He is right. KSAWC doesn’t need to fight military discrimination. KSAWC is attempting to fight discrimination on campus. The military is an organization that discriminates. Ipso facto the military should not recruit on campus. I am sure that students can find the military off campus.

Ted Bowen

Post-undergraduate in mathematics