An affordable, friendly atmosphere

Ana Mihajlovic

One of the reasons why the university continues to attract a rising number of foreign students is financial assistance.

“Cost is a big reason why the number of international students choosing to come to the United States is decreasing,” Gommlich said. “It is becoming more and more expensive for these students to come, and some can’t afford it.”

McKown said this is the reason why Kent offers numerous scholarships to undergraduate students and gives graduate students the opportunity to take advantage of assistantships.

Amrita Basu, finance major from Calcutta, India, came to Kent State on a full scholarship. She said receiving a scholarship shows the university values good students and academic excellency.

In addition to financial assistance, a friendly atmosphere is another reason more and more international students are choosing Kent State.

Sebastien Remy-Drysdale, a post-graduate French major from Le Pin, France, agrees.

“Being at KSU is a great experience. I had a chance to meet really great people,” he said. “Everyone here is friendly, and whenever I look back to what I have accomplished here, I am happy.”

McKown said that this is what Kent State’s international student recruitment is based on.

“Building long-term relationships is key to keeping the international student enrollment high,” he said. “We want international students to feel at home, and we do whatever we can to make sure their experience at Kent is a rewarding one.”

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