Nursing professor dies unexpectedly over weekend

Ryan Loew

Credit: Andrew popik

Barbara Mims, an assistant professor, distinguished nurse and active researcher, died unexpectedly last weekend due to an unknown cause.

Mims, tenured faculty member in the College of Nursing and Ravenna resident, was suffering from a “short illness” at the time of her death, said Connie Stopper, assistant dean of the School of Nursing. Stopper could not elaborate more on Mim’s death.

A faculty member since 1996, Mims was a supportive mentor to students as well as president of the Summit and Portage District of the Ohio Nursing Association, Stopper said.

“I know that she had a commitment to serving as a mentor to African-American women and men,” she said. “I know that she worked very hard to address the needs of nurses in our district.”

Mims received her bachelor’s degree in nursing from Wayne State University in 1963. After gaining masters’ degrees in education and community nursing rehabilitation, Mims received her doctorate in nursing research from the University of Michigan in 1996.

Specializing in community health nursing, Mims taught both undergraduate and graduate courses in the College of Nursing. She was also involved in research on communication and intervention and relationships between African-American women and their families.

— Ryan Loew