Video games can control you

Teddy Harris

I knew a very intelligent friend once who went to college and failed out. He was not much of a social person, so he did not go out a lot, nor was he a ladies’ man. But one thing he did do a lot was play video games. I have no proof that playing too many video games caused the demise of his college career, but I do know he spent hours in front of the television pushing buttons. Those hours that he used playing video games could have been used to study, meet new people or even develop a better understanding of himself.

In no way do I condemn video games as the pinnacle of all social ills, but I do believe they are a root of a lot of problems. Mostly men play these games, and I have seen suffering social lives, break-ups with girlfriends, dropping grades and even someone losing his job — just because people want to play video games excessively.

I have dubbed the young generation in this country as the “video-game nation.” The reason I say that is because I have friends who are grown men, who will neglect responsibilities because of video games. I have witnessed men at Kent State who cannot tell me anything about world or local politics, issues that will affect them and their PlayStation 2. However, they are quick to challenge me in a game of Madden football. I say this light-heartedly because I, too, enjoy a competitive game of Madden football, but there is a limit to where it should stop.

Men, if your woman is telling you that you spend more time playing PlayStation 2 than you do with her, then it is probably time to turn the station off. If your grades are below what you know you are capable of, but you just reached that last level in some stupid game, maybe you should re-evaluate how you spend your spare time.

If you notice successful people in life, I have never once heard them brag about their fantasy season in NBA Live. Successful people know how to take advantage of the time they have. Time is of the essence, and successful people know that fact and try to utilize their time whenever possible. Video games are fine if you play them in moderation. If you are reading this article and getting offended because I am criticizing you for your excessive video game playing, you might one of the people I am talking about.

I had a female friend tell me once that “guys don’t date anymore; they play video games.” I thought about her statement, and she is right. Guys, if you are looking for a woman, I do not think she will be turned on by how many games you won in Madden football or “NBA Live 2005”. Video games are not bad, unless you let them prevent you from handling your responsibilities.

Keep in mind, video games are just another form of thought-numbing entertainment designed to keep citizens in their place as readily uninformed consumers, socially and politically.

Teddy Harris is a senior communication studies major and a columnist for the Daily Kent Stater. Contact him at [email protected].