Communicaton expo showcases careers

Kirsten Beverley

The fifth annual Communication Expo yesterday gave students majoring in, or considering majoring in, communication studies the opportunity to get a taste of what the major requires.

The event gave more than 80 communication students the opportunity to meet with alumni, get advice from seniors and learn about career opportunities in communications.

A student panel of senior communication studies majors started off the expo by sharing their experiences of classes and giving students advice about what to do and not do while in college.

“Save your work or least have a safe place to save your papers,” said Jessica Jones, senior interpersonal communication major.

Jen Galo, senior communication studies and English major, said she had no idea which area of communications she wanted to pursue, so she advised students to “check every possible opportunity. You never know what you will find.”

Following the student panel, alumni provided career advice as well as how to maximize communication skills.

Deb Easton-Bentley said to spend time outside of what you are used to doing because it will help you see what it is you do want to do. She also said that no matter what, students will be able to use a communications degree in almost any aspect of the business world.

“You can use a communications degree for anything,” Easton-Bentley said.

As part of the Communication Expo, students looked at senior portfolios.

“It represents me over the last five years,” Jones said. “There is only so much I can say about myself (in an interview), but with the portfolio, I can say ‘look at what I’ve done.’”

Some students were attending the expo because they are in foundations class, and their professors recommended going to the event.

“I came because of foundations, but I am also looking at the senior portfolios to see what I need to do,” said Danielle Johnson, sophomore communication studies major.

After students had a chance to look at the portfolios, seniors were invited back for a private presentation about job offers and benefit options over lunch.

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