One step at a time: Norm


Norm is the best barber around!

I will never forget the first time my brother Mitchell and I walked into Jason’s Barber Shop in Acorn Alley in Kent. 

Jason’s is a one of a kind establishment. Tons of sports apparel fill the walls of the shop to give the place a manly feel. 

One of the men that I admire the most is my barber: Norm Blitz. 

Norm is one of the most upbeat people I know. He always asks about me before I get the chance to ask about him. He is a man of true humility and I’m lucky to have gotten to know him. 

Norm and his wife Patricia don’t let anything slow them down. They try to spend time with family as much as they can. The amount of joy that Norm shows when he talks about his kids and grandkids is amazing. When he tells stories about them, it makes me think of my family because I believe we are similar. 

It’s always an unbelievable experience talking with Norm and the haircut he gives is top notch. He always gets it just right. Mitchell and I feel like new men once we get our ears lowered and feel the cold breeze on our heads as we walk outside. We have Norm to thank for that. 

Norm is one of the most loyal readers that I have for this column. He always makes sure to compliment my work and I want to take this time to compliment his work, and thank him for being the person he is.

Norm has taught me to show kindness and be genuine with everyone I come into contact with. I am grateful for the times we’ve had at this amazing shop. 

Norm is an awesome barber and friend and I will always remember him.

Michael Reiner is a columnist. Contact him at [email protected].