Stylin’, sizzlin’ on the beach

JaLynn Hardy

Don’t shy away from bathing suits in the winter

Halter tops and string bikinis make a perfect addition to any spring vacation to an exotic place.

Credit: Andrew popik

March is the month I like to think of as the beginning of spring, even though all I see out my window are dismal skies and mountains of snow. It’s almost impossible to think about getting my wardrobe in shape for the warm months ahead, let alone that trip a couple weeks away.

Just think of it, sitting on the beach, sipping a piña colada, relaxing with a nice-looking native man and enjoying the sound of the waves.

They tell me that summer will come, but I’m just not feeling it.

However, for those lucky gals who can get out of here and catch some rays, now is the time to start looking for summer clothes, especially new bathing suits.

Even if you’re not going away to some tropical island, one look at some of these bathing suits, and you will find inspiration to hit the gym soon. And don’t forget to slather on that sunscreen: Looking like a prune when you’re 30 isn’t stylish.

If you want to sizzle in style, here are some key looks designers went for this summer.

When shopping, look for this season’s hot colors of aqua, black, gold, lilac, orange, coral and soft pastels. Some colors that look great together are chocolate brown paired with aqua blue. Other colors might be a light coral with pastel pink. And for those of us who want to keep it simple, black and white are still great paired together.

Be bold and go for a wild print. Look for polka dots, geometric prints, large florals and scenic landscapes.

As in most cases, matching or accenting accessories can add a modern flare to last year’s style or set your distinct bathing beauty persona apart.

Wraps are for when you don’t want your derriere hanging out where everyone can see it. Look for matching wraps or pair down a solid colored bathing suit with print wrap.

What day on the beach wouldn’t be complete without a pair of sunglasses? Look for vintage inspirations from the ’60s and ’70s. Pair them up with a vintage suit like Pucci’s geometric print styles.

Tops in style for the season are bandeaus, low-cut backs, underwires, tankinis and draped or twisted necklines. For bottoms, cheekie shorts, skirts, belts and hipster/low riders will be worn on the beach and sold on the racks. Low-rise pants may be on their way out of style, but that doesn’t mean low-rise bathing suits are.

Here are some of this summer’s trends and styles for bathing suits guaranteed to keep you en vogue.

Asymmetrical: Look for lines that go from the far left to the far right, or vice versa with straps, cut outs and prints.

Peek-a-boo: Don’t be fooled when you see a lot of one-piece bathing suits this year, they show just as much skin as bikinis. Designers cut out large holes and geometric patterns, exposing skin in a variety of places.

Heavy metal: Not only did designers work with metallic fabrics, but metal was key to creating a lot of this season’s looks. Look for big buckles, chunky rings and strings of coins.

Halter tops: If you want a more sporty approach to the beach, halter tops are for you. They look great with bikini briefs or on a one-piece suit.

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini: Yes, polka dots are back. Polka dots are the perfect vintage comeback to match this years ’50s-inspired spring look. Key trends are the halter top, bandeau and the string bikini.

Safari getaway: Designers went wild with animal prints from zebra to snakeskin. Try the circle-front bandeau top with decorative ties attached to it that go around the neck.

If you need to find a bathing suit before you go, try Everything But Water located at Beachwood Mall or the Victoria’s Secret on-line catalogue. For those on a budget, Target has some very cute bathing suits for sale now.

JaLynn Hardy is a senior journalism major and the fashion columnist for the Daily Kent Stater. Contact her at [email protected].