Computer prices lower for students

Meranda Watling

Meranda Watling

Daily Kent Stater

Being a college student isn’t cheap. But it can help you get things cheap.

Many computer and software companies offer education discounts to students. Students can save a lot of money on things they would probably like or need to buy anyway.

Apple, for example, offers a student discount on all of its products. Kent State even has it’s own KSU Apple Store, where students can take advantage of the discount.

“Pretty much anything Apple sells, you’re going to get some sort of discount on,” said Chip Kalback, Kent State Apple Computer campus representative.

The discount usually works out to be about 10 to 12 percent off, Kalback said. A 20GB iPod, for example, would cost you $269 before tax as opposed to the $299 retail price tag.

But students don’t have to trek to the Apple Store to get education discounts. Find it online at It will guide students through to the education store where they can see the products available and buy them. Or students can just visit the KSU Apple Store’s Web site at and click on Order Online.

You can also get education discounts on many HP and Compaq computers and products through the HP Web site, By selecting the government, health and education link, and then selecting student/faculty/staff personal purchases, you can access their online education store. Discounted products are marked with a green apple that says APP, which stands for Academic Purchasing Program.

Education discounts at HP, which range from about five to 10 percent, also can be combined with other discounts and rebates available. With a 10 percent education discount and a $20 instant rebate, the HP PSC 1350 All-in-One Printer, Scanner, Copier costs $69.99 — a total savings of 30 percent off its regular $99 price.

Dell also offers student discounts similar to HP’s through its Web site. Its discounts, which hovers around five percent, can be used to buy one system per year.

Sophomore sociology major Nicole Steward bought her computer through and used the student discount.

“Because (the price) was lower, I could use the money for other stuff like a printer or scanner,” she said.

Steward also took advantage of the education discount Microsoft offers on its software.

“It was cheaper (to buy the software from the bookstore) than getting it pre-installed on my computer,” she said. “I probably saved $100.”

The University Bookstore offers discounts on popular software titles, including Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Studio MX and Microsoft Office both in store and on its Web site,

If the bookstore doesn’t offer the title you’re looking for, often times you can find more options on the manufacturer’s Web site.

On, select the solutions link from the menu and then select students to access the education discounts. You can find a student price list on the side to compare with the retail prices. For Dreamweaver MX, students pay $99. The retail price is $399.

Adobe and Microsoft also offer education discounts on their Web sites.

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