CSU Convo Center to get a Taste of Chaos

Seth Roy

My Chemical Romance will be one of several headliners on the Taste of Chaos Tour, a sort of indoor version of the Warped Tour coming to the CSU Convocation Center March 10.

Credit: Seth Roy

The Cleveland State University Convocation Center will be getting a Taste of Chaos March 10.

The tour is being run by the same people as the popular outdoor Vans Warped Tour, which just celebrated its 10-year anniversary. This is the first of what is thought to be many Taste of Chaos tours.

Taste of Chaos is essentially a winter version of the Warped Tour and takes place inside.

Set-up is similar to Warped, with a variety of booths and activities to do besides just watching the bands. These booths are run by the sponsors of the tour, including Vans, Hot Topic and Hurley. One booth will even feature Nintendo games and systems to play.

There are two stages: a main stage, and an “acoustic” stage. The main stage is where the bigger acts, such as The Used, My Chemical Romance and Senses Fail will be playing. The “acoustic” stage is a side stage, not necessarily acoustic music, that features lesser-known bands such as Opiate for the Masses, Bleed the Dream and My American Heart.

Each band will get between 30 and 40 minutes to play its set.

Jeph Howard, bass player and back-up singer for The Used, said that Taste of Chaos is “definitely better than the Warped Tour,” adding that he likes the club vibe and the fact that weather isn’t an issue.

The Used had a hand in choosing the other bands on the tour. They chose bands they thought would fit the bill.

“Killswitch is amazing,” Howard said of Killswitch Engage, another band on the tour.

“The tour’s been great,” said Dan Arnold of A Static Lullaby. “Every band is awesome.”

Taste of Chaos got off to a rocky start, however, in Orlando, Fla.

“Every time we’re in Florida,” he said, “something bad happens.”

He couldn’t recall any instances while playing in Ohio.

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