School looks to become college

Jessica Dreschel

The School of Technology may soon be called the College of Technology.

Raj Chowdhury, dean of the School of Technology, submitted a faculty commission report to the Office of the Provost yesterday. The report contains a name change proposal.

“It’s a historic opportunity to be part of the process,” said Isaac Nettey, academic program director for the aeronautics department.

The school will have an updated organizational structure, and the changes would take place over three years. College status would increase the opportunity for grants and federal funding, Chowdhury said. The name change would also attract and retain more students.

Students will benefit the most from the name change, Chowdhury said. Graduating from the College of Technology, as opposed to the school, will make students more employable, Chowdhury said. The title would lend more credibility to the school.

The School of Technology is preparing students for the technology-oriented economy, Chowdury said. Tech grads are intelligent additions to the field, Chowdhury said.

The School of Technology became independent in 1995. In eight years, the school has evolved enough to warrant the title of “college,” Chowdhury said.

All technology courses are accredited by the technology industry, Chowdhury said. Courses meet industry standards and address trends in the tech world.

The name-change proposal was submitted to Provost Paul Gaston. From the provost, the proposal will go to the Education Policy Council. A faculty advisory board then reviews the proposal. Finally, the Kent State Board of Trustees will get the proposal.

A decision on the name change may be reached in early summer, Chowdhury said.

“It’s a win-win situation,” said Lawrence Epps, academic adviser for the School of Technology.

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