Teeeth ate away at competition

Allison Bugg

Caribou Foot plays at the Rathskeller Tuesday during the last night of competition in the rock/jam section.

Credit: Beth Rankin

While a band of people scrambled to set the stage, checking speaker connections, instruments and microphones, an anxious crowd awaited in the basement of the Student Center.

The fifth and final preliminary round of the Battle of the Bands competition Tuesday featured five rock/jam bands. The finals competition will be held next Tuesday at 9 p.m.

At the end of the night, only one could claim first place. The winner was Dr. Teeeth.

About the bands

– Asiral is a local band that’s new to the music scene. Having been together since November, members include Keith Barys, Steve Mikes and Aaron Levinson. Barys said the band has been playing shows around the area and entered the competition for the experience.

The group’s musical influences include Tool, Metallica and Radiohead, which are apparent in Asiral’s style and sound. Barys said the band plans to record a short, three-track demo CD in the near future.

– Caribou Foot is a Kent-based band that uses improvisation in its musical technique. The group consists of Matt Maneri, Chris Maneri, Mike Zucosky, Michael Marotta and Evan Lewis. The band’s musical influences include genres such as rock, jazz, country, blues and funk.

This group provides a unique sound with two drummers, who create a variety of rhythms. Provocative lyrics add to Caribou Foot’s level of performing, and Maneri said the band plans to continue playing local and regional shows, as well as record a CD this summer.

– The Project is a jam band from Kent that’s been rocking together for four months. Members include Ryan Furst, Scott Gill, Taylor Belling and Jeff Gill. While the band’s musical influences include a variety of jam bands, such as the Allman Brothers Band, Furst said the group focuses on creating an original sound.

The band features extremely talented musicians that play with intense energy. The group often plays at venues around the Kent area and plans to expand its boundaries by playing shows outside Ohio. Furst said the band entered the competition for a shot at playing this year’s FlashFest and because it would be a great experience.

– The Smoking Mirrors provided a unique performance with a talented keyboardist and female vocalist. The group consists of Greg Schwartz, columnist for the Stater, Joshua Wells, Mike Watson, Charlie Dorer and Abra Morgan. Dorer said the band really formed just two weeks ago, and this was its first show together.

This group, combined as a collection of various musicians, performed a solid and energetic set. Dorer said the artists come from a variety of backgrounds with a variety of styles and musical influences.

– Dr. Teeeth is a Kent-based rock band consisting of James Burgess, Dave Horton and Rusty Boyer. The group has been playing locally for a year and entered the competition for the opportunity to play at FlashFest. Musical influences for the band include Beck, Black Sabbath, Muddy Waters and Miles Davis.

The group’s high-energy performance incorporated powerful drumbeats and sound vocals. Burgess said the group plans to play around the area as much as possible, continue meeting other bands and work on getting its music out.

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