Web Only Point/Counterpoint pt1

Mike Klesta

Sex is necessary step to marriage

The sun blazed, burning through the pure northern Michigan sky. Crash, swish, ssssss, crash. Crash. The crisp Lake Huron water kissed the shoreline, higher, higher making its way up the soft, hot sand.

The sun reflected off the sand onto our faces, reflected our mood, our love. The seeds of life were planted after an annual trip to visit her aunt and uncle in Michigan. They saw life through children’s eyes — imaginative, vivacious — they breathed life out of every pore. She and I reflected on our current paths. We kissed, grasped at each other’s healthy, tanned bodies.

“Your breasts are so large,” I said, kissing my way down, from her lips to her neck, to the birthmark above her right breast. “I love every part of your body.”

“No they aren’t, but thank you.”

We needed to cool off. The water was shocking at first, but like everything in life, we quickly became acclimated. We would alternate our conversation, sometimes shallow, sometimes deeper than the furthest depths of the Huron.

“Why do people have feelings?” she asked.

“I don’t know. It makes us human.”

We didn’t get cold.

Sex is part of life. Without it, nothing can exist.

Some people claim sex must only come after marriage, or even, sex shouldn’t happen at all.

Those celibate wanderers know not what they miss. Love happens. It can’t be dictated by a ring, a vow or marriage, and it doesn’t make sense to wait. Marriage occurs in the hearts of mortals — a church, a state isn’t needed to declare it.

Yes. I agree sex is something to be treasured and held sacred, but there are different levels to the sexual ladder. A fling is different from a short-term relationship is different from a long-term one. Yet, each of those scenarios may include the dirty deed. It doesn’t make pure, loving sex any less special. It still feels incredible, and both parties can rest assured they are participating in the coming together of bodies.

Sex comes with maturity. And once again, marriage isn’t required for it to be present. There are scumbags in the world whose only goal is to get into a woman’s or man’s pants. And for those people, sex doesn’t happen. Their purported “lovemaking” is nothing more than mutual masturbation: lonely, empty.

To live life to its fullest, sex is a necessary step. It’s like jumping off a cliff hoping gravity won’t pay attention. Both parties are so vulnerable. But through the act, the couple finds out if marriage is possible. True trust is seen in the bedroom. If both fall asleep comfortable, sleeping sweetly, the bond is true. Marriage, if the couple is interested, is possible.

Of course sex leads to problems, mainly unwanted pregnancies, but condemning the act is an affront to free will. There will always be ignorant sluts, but the only way we can combat poor choices is through education. Preach consequences of decisions and ways to avoid problems instead of whipping out the morally superior abstinence bit. It doesn’t work.

So can the celibate superiority and jump in the bedroom. It’s time to see why we exist.

Mike Klesta is a senior newspaper journalism major and editor of the Daily Kent Stater. Contact him at [email protected].