TRU squad brings little to rap game

Jeremy Porter

Credit: Jeremy Porter

The New No Limit Records’ TRU squad sounds like they have their focus set on street rep rather than popular sales with their latest album, The Truth. The compilation features New No Limit recording artists like Master P and Silkk the Shocker, Halleluyah and more.

The only song out of 17 tracks I find to be enjoyable is “Where U From.” The beat for this song kicks hard, and the lyrics are decent.

Silkk the Shocker spits out, “I’m like Nick’s last name the way I keep me a Cannon/ And I’m rich I got nothing to do but drive by in a Phantom.”

This album features many metaphors, but the majority sound weak or don’t seem “TRU.” Metaphors from Master P like, “I can smell the championship like Shaq,” don’t give the rhyme justice as this album really smells like a blowout from their main competition, Cash Money Records.

Another metaphor from Master P is, “I’m a fool, nigga just like Donkey Kong/ I ain’t Nelly but girl get your eagle on.” Being a fool like Donkey Kong is all right because that video game character kidnapped Super Mario’s girl. But taking words out of Nelly’s mouth is unoriginal and lazy rhyming.

Some of the songs’ themes are hustling, dealing with snitches and getting your dance on. TRU is more streets and gangster oriented, but it’s all too insipid. These topics have all been heard before. The new MCs are all weak compared to the old No Limit MCs like Mystikal or Fiend.

My warning is to not buy this album as The New No Limit’s TRU squad is not nearly as good as the original No Limit’s old school albums. The best suggestion would be to listen to “Where U From” on the radio or TV for free.

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