New 50 Cent disc short on good lyrics

Jeremy Porter

One question you might ask about 50 Cent’s second album, The Massacre, is if it’s any better than Get Rich or Die Trying? Quantity wise, the album has more than 20 tracks while Get Rich only has 16. Quality wise, I’d say both albums are about even.

The Massacre has some great production and beats from Dr. Dre, but the lyrics from 50 Cent aren’t the zenith of hip hop like most people think. I believe the beats help him sell most of his records because most people are dancing to them. If you wanted a good dance album, then it’s perfect for you.

This album has more good than bad songs. “Piggy Bank” is an interesting song, on which 50 describes his power in New York. He insults some of the top rappers in the hip-hop game like Jadakiss and Fat Joe. The way he insults each rapper isn’t that detailed or strong, but he tries to go at them all in a few bars each.

The chorus of “Piggy Bank” is childish in a “Blue’s Clues” or “Barney” sorta way as he states, “Clickity clank (2x). The money goes into my piggy bank.” 50’s rhyming on this song is like Dr. Seuss and will probably make the kids love him even more. 50 Cent should’ve taken this diss-song more seriously, and now I think he’s going to regret it when these rappers come back at him.

“Get in My Car” is an obviously simple song from 50 Cent. He explains how easy it is for him to get women without pickup lines. He spits out lazy lines throughout the song like, “So much chrome on my Benz you see your face on my rims.”

The rest of these songs will grab your ears off the beat rather than the lyrics. When you listen hard to the lyrics, he isn’t saying much. A rapper like Jay-Z or GZA could spit more in 2 bars than he says in a whole song. I’m sorry that I don’t like 50 Cent’s simplistic flow, but if you like to dance then go ahead, grab this album for that.

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