Benjamin Pearce


Director of Business and Finance Candidate for USG. 

Director of Business and Finance Candidate

Q: What is your platform?

A: “During my time at Kent State, I have been on the board of three student organizations, serving in such positions as Treasurer and Vice President. With an intimate understanding of the inner workings of student organizations, I was inspired to find a way to help the entire student body, which pushed me to apply for a position on the Allocations Committee. I was excited to have the opportunity to serve as Vice-Chairman of the USG Allocations Committee during the 2019-2020 academic year. In this position I gained firsthand experience of the procedures and purposes of the Allocations Committee. I’ve seen these processes improve, and if I am elected Director of Business and Finance, I will do my best to continue the successes Allocations has helped to bring about this year and I will do my best to improve upon them.” 

Q: What should people vote for you?

A: “As Director of Business and Finance, I will:

  • Make allocations even more visible to students and increase awareness of these resources. As far too many students are unaware of how Allocations can facilitate their academic endeavors, I plan on going to the students, meeting with clubs and student organizations to take a more active role in marketing Allocations.

  • Work to engage the underclassmen of Kent State University to foster an atmosphere of involvement and excitement.

  • Collaborate with the other Directors, Senators, and Committees of USG to advise them on how they can best make use of Student Government finances.”

Q: What changes are you looking to enact?

A: “Throughout my time at Kent State I have been grateful for the many opportunities I’ve had to explore and develop interests and skills. I envision a future Kent State where every undergraduate student will feel empowered to pursue their interests and passions, and I would love to have the opportunity to head the committee that has the power to make so many of these dreams possible. I sincerely ask for your vote on March 10th and 11th.”