WEB EXCLUSIVE: Jack Johnson is man for pickup lines on third album

Erika Kreider

Credit: Erika Kreider

If anyone needs a good pick-up line, Jack Johnson’s third album, In Between Dreams, has plenty you can use to flatter someone. Johnson’s third album has a dreamy, relaxing tone that will swoop you into chill-mode.

The Hawaiian native supplies a private tiki-hut soundtrack full of lyrics bound to make anyone whine to their significant other, “Why don’t you say cute things like that to me?”

The Hawaiian sound to In Between Dreams makes you feel like you’re at the beach, complete with a content feeling of watching clouds drift by.

Musically, Johnson leaves everything pretty minimal, a trademark of his. Although nothing compares to his debut album, Brushfire Fairytales, In Between Dreams comes incredibly close in its 40-minute playtime.

The lyrics are cute, nothing too dramatic or deep; perfect one-liners that I’ll probably end up doodling on my notes during class.

Although all of the songs sound dangerously similar, it adds to the calming simplistic nature of the album. A few of the best songs are “Constellations,” “Banana Pancakes” and “Better Together”.

My personal favorite is “Banana Pancakes,” where Johnson describes his love for sleep through the catchy lyrics of “Wakin’ up too early/Maybe we can sleep/Makin’ banana pancakes/Pretend like it’s the weekend now… When the whole world fits inside of your arms/Do you really need to pay attention to the alarm?”

Also, he still pokes at society, like on past albums, through the mildly political song “Good People.” If you’re a fan of Johnson, this album will settle your craving for a new CD from him. If you are not a fan, give this CD a few listens, and I’m sure you’ll get hooked on at least a few songs.

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