Texas-based Eisley makes some ‘Noise’

Andrew Hampp

Credit: Andrew Hampp

If a bunch of female Hobbits from the Lord of the Rings formed a Radiohead-inspired rock band and sang all the lead vocals, they’d probably sound a lot like Eisley.

Eisley is a Tyler, Texas-based guitar-pop band comprised of sisters Sherri, Staci and Chauntelle DuPree, their brother Weston and longtime friend Jon Wilson on drums. None of the members are above the age of 25.

Room Noises — Eisley’s full-length debut after releasing the EPs Laughing City and Marvelous Things in 2003 — needs to be heard all the way through to be fully appreciated. The album is full of hummable melodies and creative lyrics seemingly lifted from an unreleased fantasy novel, all of which add up to a fascinating whole of an album.

Sherri and Staci take turns singing lead with their nearly identical girlish voices on standout tracks like “Telescope Eyes” and “Marvelous Things,” which rattles off a list of mystical images — such as horses growing out of a lawn and bats with butterfly wings — against guitar flourishes that recall Radiohead at their most accessible.

When listening to the majority of Room Noises, there’s no denying the band’s principal songwriters were still in their teens at the time of the album’s production.

Relatively simple lyrics aside, songs like “Lost At Sea” and the first single

“Telescope Eyes” succeed via heartfelt lyrics and edgy execution. It’s that perfect mix of high school poetry mixed with potent indie rock melodies that suits Eisley like a light saber to a Star Wars fan.

Eisley may be shameless nerds stuck in high school both literally and figuratively, but they still manage to pull off sweeping indie pop with relative ease.

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