Dear Editor,

I’m writing to you to respond to Shelby Reeves report about “Why should students get the flu shot?”. I’m a health educator student at Kent State University and I believe that it’s quite significant to raise awareness about the importance of getting the flu shot, especially in the winter season, since the dry air affects the respiratory system and makes it more susceptible to germs. 

As a health educator, we know that prevention is more cost effective than treatment, so helping communities to be concerned about health and focus on prevention is an excellent development. Moreover, part of our responsibilities is to help individuals be more mindful about their health and help to understand the prevention steps that protect them from any health problems. I would encourage students to get the flu shot for free at Walgreen, CVS and the Flu Clinic at Kent State University. 

Furthermore, the flu is highly contagious, so the chance of spreading it to family and friends is entirely possible, so it is vital to protect the people around you. Finally, I like her way of presenting the information and how she wrote the information simply. I hope I see more topics that educate well-being among students.