Student needs evidence to prove creationism

Dear Editor:

Hey, did you know there are massive amounts of evidence to contradict evolution by means of natural selection? There are mounds of it. But evolutionists won’t want you to hear that because they hate God! They will do whatever they can to stifle even the idea of God because they’re heartless and have no morals. They don’t want morality because then something would stop them from destroying the fabric of existence. Evolutionists don’t like existence; they abhor it — just like liberals, commies and Jews.

Ahhhh! I’m so sick of these creationists and their mindless babble. What evidence?! Show me this evidence that contradicts evolution! Please, just for once, let’s talk about this evidence instead of talking about talking about this evidence! And guess what, I believe in God! Maybe not the white-haired, bearded God who sits on a throne and doles out judgments for eternity; but nevertheless, I believe in the One God, the Father Almighty, Creator and Maintainer of All Existence. I believe that all we see and know is but a shadow of what the Unknowable is. Do I believe in a book that was written thousands of years ago by God knows who, before the advent of the scientific method?

No! I believe there are good things to learn in it, like charity, compassion, forgiveness, equality and justice.

But, there are also a lot of bad things, like stone your children for disobedience or burn men with long hair at the stake or that women are responsible for getting us expelled from Paradise and therefore should be treated like slaves by men.

All these things are in the Bible (which I have come to find out most Evangelicals have never read more than the passages they’re money-sucking leech of a priest told them too!)

Come my people, to the new age; the age of observation and experimentation, the age where mythology is overcome by fact.

Is this evidence you speak of the eye? Is it that the eye is so complex it couldn’t have developed on its own? Well, did you know you don’t need an eyeball, a socket, a retina, rods or cones!? In fact there’s a sea worm that has only a patch of light-sensitive material for eyes! He can only see light and some movement over top of it, but he can still see! And then there are animals with only a retina, no ball, rods or cones; and so on, and so on. That and the Watchmaker argument (which is utter BS) are the only evidence I’ve heard. Oh yeah, and somehow Louis Pasteur, who knew nothing about genetics, inheritance, sea floor vents, organic molecules in space or DNA, did an experiment that PROVED life can’t come from non-life.

Yeah, carbon, nitrogen and oxygen-based life couldn’t have come from carbon, nitrogen and oxygen … WHICH ARE ALL NON-LIFE!

You people need to stop watching “The O’Reilly Factor” and pick up a book every once in a while. Please! I have no problem with prayer in school as long as you’re not forced to do it and it doesn’t disrupt regular classes. And this doesn’t “lurk under (my) nose in the guise of ‘no God!’” It lurks under my nose in the guise of CREDIBLE, SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE!

And yes, I am questioning your reasoning ability, that’s what science is about — questioning the established views on the world. So, show me this evidence and then maybe I’ll give you a cookie. Until then, take a comparative religion class, an archeology class, an evolution class, and if you can find one, a Creation according to the Christian Bible class, and then come talk to me.

P.S. — Pornography (in some form), abortion, homosexuality and lawlessness have been around longer than we’ve been civilized! So yes, I am calling into question your brain in general! Do some research!

Adam E. Zandarski

Sophomore history major