Fashion accessories provide many choices

JaLynn Hardy

Accessories, such as shoes and purses, will be key to the perfect spring outfit. Classic and croc are both in style.

Credit: Andrew popik

Jungle meets glam? This year accessories extend from the wildly exotic to the classic look of the ‘40s and ‘50s. Take your pick or wear them both. It’s as if some designers are confused and lost in the desert while others went back in time 50 years?

We’ve already seen the popularity of the pearl necklace and brooch that you could’ve worn right from your grandmother’s closet. Now we’re taking it up a notch.

Accessories are the key items that put a whole outfit together.

It’s important that you stock up on some key accessories for your spring wardrobe, because no look is complete without the right shoes, belt or pair of earrings.

One key trend to note is that skin is no longer in. Designers are moving to more classic styles where the waist is re-emphasized, but not because it’s hanging out over jeans.

The waist becomes more of a focus as designers work to get an hourglass shape from full skirts and cropped jackets reminiscent of the 1950s. It is befitting that accessories would reflect this same call to glamour with a little 2005 twist.


African safari: Tribal beads, whether wooden, bone or plastic, are in. The look was inspired by ethnic arts and chunky crafts.

Be a belly dancer: Coin jewelry worn in long strands as necklaces, belts and bracelets were seen inspired from Indian art. Also from India, snake bracelets, thick metal cuffs and narrow wrist bangles worn by the dozen will go perfectly with the Bohemian-style dresses for spring.

To dangle or not to dangle: If you’re going for the Bohemian look, the larger the earrings, the better. However, to get that glamour-girl look, keep it elegant and simple, going more for diamond studs.

Poison rings: This is my favorite fun and fantastic fashion accessory. A must have for when you’re tired of a particular someone trying your nerves. (Oh, did I say that?) The poison ring is from the gothic era and sits high on the finger with a little vile complete with lid to hold whatever your heart desires in it.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend: For a more elegant look than the poison ring, try a big, fat rock. Cocktail rings are making a splash again. They’re perfect for an elegant evening look whether they’re fake or real.


Carry-all handbags: A nice day look that’s practical as well as stylish, chunky handbags were featured with straps and hardware. A perfect accompaniment when you want to take your mineral water or textbook with you.

Croc talk: For a snazzy nighttime look, try the animal skin clutch bags in mock croc or python skin.


Designers went for flats, wedges and platforms for women to lust over once warm weather kicks in. And, for the first time since the ‘80s, shoes were shown in multi-colors.

Gladiator appeal: This thong/sandal is reminiscent of early Roman times. It has a flat heel featured with beads for d‚cor on top.

Metallica: For those who want more of an edgy and less rustic style than B.C., the ‘80s are still here in shiny metallic colors. Steely silvers, golds and copper shoes make their way on the runway in either flats or heels.

Hair accessories

Orchids everywhere: Trend forecasters say orchids for the hair will be coming to a store near you soon. The look was inspired from the film The Aviator, and any fashionista will be seen wearing them either in their hair or as a corsage.

Pencil-thin eyebrows: It isn’t exactly a hair accessory, but pencil-thin eyebrows will create more of a glamorous look this season to match the clothes. Don’t take your chances; have a professional salon fix them for you.

JaLynn Hardy is a senior broadcast journalism major who studied fashion design and is a fashion columnist for the Daily Kent Stater. Contact her at [email protected].