Group aims to unite Greek Life and religion

Carrie Rupp

Sorority houses usually don’t come to mind when one wants a place to practice religion. In fact, the tie between Greeks and Christianity is one that is not often recognized.

Two Greeks, Brock Kertoy of Tau Kappa Epsilon and Nicole Tague of Sigma Sigma Sigma, have created a new group to help interested Greeks get in touch with their spiritual side.

The Greek Life Group, which has only met three times, meets at 9 p.m. Monday nights. The location rotates between the six sorority houses.

“In the broad picture, this group was created to provide an atmosphere for all Greeks to come and talk about issues going on in their lives,” Kertoy said. “We’re open to all sorts of issues, stuff relevant to their lives like drugs, sex, alcohol, family, friends, school, but ultimately the focus is on God.”

The group, which Tague said is a laid-back discussion group, bases its discussions on the Bible and issues relevant to the students’ lives, but she said there is no set agenda.

“We focused our discussion on the recent death of the two Sigma Phi Epsilon brothers,” Kertoy said.

Both Tague and Kertoy, who are considered “facilitators of discussion,” said the group is open to anyone in the Greek system of any religious background.

“We don’t want to be exclusive to anyone,” Tague said. “We want to be as accepting as possible. We don’t want to force our beliefs. We just want people to understand Christianity and understand where we are coming from.”

Kertoy and Tague both noted a willingness to learn and being open-minded are two very important factors within the group.

“We’d never look down on people or judge them for their beliefs,” Tague said. “Really, we’re all in the same boat; we’ve all been there. We just want people to come as they are and be honest with themselves and with God.”

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