Up to 25 artists will play over five nights during ACPB event

Allison Bugg

Up to 25 artists will play over five nights during ACPB event

Between 23 and 25 aspiring rock stars will duke it out in the Battle of the Bands competition starting tomorrow at the Rathskeller.

There will be five nights of performances, each devoted to a specific genre of music featuring five or six bands per night. The genres include hard rock/heavy metal, punk, alternative and rock/jam band, in that order. The fifth night, March 29, will feature the final competition. The All Campus Programming Board is sponsoring the event.

“We’re really trying to get the word out all over campus,” said Susan Heidinger, special events coordinator for the ACPB. “Each band scheduled to perform is responsible for posting or passing out fliers. We’re also trying to do our best to advertise, especially in the Student Center.”

Heidinger said she received more than fifty applications for the competition after running advertisements last semester. The qualifications for a band to enter were as follows: provide a demo of their music, at least one member must be a student, pay a $20 entry fee, sign a contract and hand out 100 fliers in the weeks before the battle begins.

Though the ACPB originally wanted to select 50 bands, Heidinger said the number of bands accepted had to be limited because of time restraints.

“Many bands were forced to drop out because of other commitments and priorities,” Heidinger said.

Senior geography major Gabe Marged said he’s excited for the bands who will be competing, but he knew nothing about the event even taking place on campus this semester.

This is the third consecutive year ACPB and the Rathskeller has sponsored a Battle of the Bands competition. Heidinger said this year may be even more successful than last.

The contest will be judged by four people from around the area, including a representative from Moondog Recording in downtown Kent. Just how the battle will be judged is still in question.

Lyrics were one major factor in determining a winner in previous years and will most likely continue this year. Originality will also play a major role, and in case of a tie on the final night, the audience decides the winner.

“We want to make the competition as fair as possible, without creating any hard feelings,” Heidinger said. “We’re hoping for a great turnout and plan on making it a lot of fun for everyone.”

The final winner will receive a 15-hour studio package from Moondog Recording and a live performance at this year’s FlashFest at the end of the semester. Heidinger said this year’s battle will provide great exposure for all bands and will be an experience everyone can learn from.

The battle kicks off tomorrow with the hard rock/heavy metal competition. Bands will continue to compete every other Tuesday until the final contest March 29.

Doors open for all shows at 7:30 p.m. and music starts at 8. This event is free for students and $2 for all non-students.

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