Community for CCI students to open in Verder Hall in fall

Ali White

When students in the College of Communication and Information go to renew their residence hall contracts, they might want to consider the new CCI Commons, which will give them a chance to live and take classes with others in their major.

The new living/learning community for CCI will open in Verder Hall beginning Fall 2005.

The Commons will be open to all students majoring in communication studies, journalism and mass communication, library and information science and visual communication design, according to Residence Services’ Web site.

In an e-mail, Kelly Ney, senior learning community coordinator, said this type of community will help students adjust to campus.

LuEtt Hanson, associate dean of the College of Communication and Information, said they are estimating 80 students to participate in the fall.

Hanson said she liked the idea of upper-division students advising lower-division students.

“They can help talk about internships, classes and projects,” Hanson said.

Ney said students who live with others in their major have a higher success rate.

“I think it would have been great if my college had this when I first started,” said Lindsey Pitoscia, junior interpersonal communication studies major. “It’s a good idea because it gives the students a chance to really get to know one another because they have something in common.”

The Commons is expected to start in Verder and later expand to Prentice and Dunbar Halls.

“Currently there are 750 College of Communication and Information majors living in the residence halls,” Hanson said.

Charlie Malone, Verder residence hall director, said Verder was chosen because it is close to the buildings that house the college. Also there are two studios open in Verder.

Residence hall programming within this community will also be shaped toward CCI. Guest speakers from different professions in their colleges will be arranged during the semester.

Hanson said the staff is planning the first half of the semester for the community. Then they plan on letting the students set up a governing body and decide what activities they want.

According to Residence Services’ Web site, returning students who wish to live in the Commons must renew their contract to Verder Hall for Fall 2005. New students interested in this opportunity must sign up on their housing application by checking CCI under the learning community section.

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