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Geology Club sends care packages to soldiers


Dear U.S. troops serving in the Middle East:

The Kent State Stark Campus Geology Club, for its 2004-05 Community Service Project, collected items for you. Seventeen large boxes of items were collected and sent via C-130 out of Pittsburgh, courtesy of Jason Lambright (Kent State Geology major and member of the U.S. Air Force).

Collection boxes were distributed around the Stark Campus and in the Geology Department at the Kent (main) Campus. The list of needed items was dictated to me by Lambright, Josh Esack (Kent State geology club alumnus) and Lonnie Mills (Kent State geology major), all of whom have served in or are currently in the military.

Donated items include books, magazines, electronic games, personal items, Christmas decorations, T-shirts, socks, beef jerky, drink mix, CDs, DVDs and other things.

Organizations that made this all happen include: KSGS Geology Club Stark Campus; students, faculty and staff of Kent State Stark Campus; Katie Walsh and Interact Club of Jackson High School, Stark County; 10th Cavalry 4-H Club and Karen Smith, Portage County; KSGS Geology Club Kent Campus; Geology Department, Kent State; and Borders Books and Music on the Strip, North Canton.

We hope that you enjoy these items and that they make your experience a little more bearable. We also wish you luck and safety and a rapid return home.

Thank you and sincerely,

Dr. Carrie Schweitzer and members

of Kent State Stark Geology Club

Editor?s Note: The above letter was sent inside boxes of materials to U.S. troops

serving in the Middle East.

Religious individuals must grow in their faith

Dear Editor:

I have noticed many arguments in letters to the Daily Kent Stater concerning religion.

I would like to offer a swell resource for people who are honestly trying to learn about new ideas or who need support for their own creative thinking.

The Progressive Christianity Movement is nourishing a non-dogmatic and all-inclusive stance toward the cosmic forces. Information about the PC movement can be found at the Center for Progressive Christianity Web site: tcpc.org.

Progressive Christians believe there are many paths to enlightenment: Buddhism, Islam, art, philosophy, woodworking, sex …

I feel sorry for the religious bigots who are unable to grow in their faith. They do not truly believe that Daniel was protected in the lion?s den. They blaspheme God by claiming they are the only clean people who know what God thinks.

It must be awful to live in such fear and condemnation and blasphemy.

I would like to solace them in their unhappiness. That is what Jesus did.

I hope that eventually we can calm these frightened people into a broader acceptance of the universal forces.

P.S. I hope the Stater has room for me on the ?secession couch.? George Bush makes my stomach hurt.

Janice Kelly

Kent, Ohio