U.S. Public should help in spreading freedom

For whatever he lacks in oratorical skills, little George more than makes up for in visionary power.

For whatever lack of compassion for the environment and the poor that many readily argue, Boy George more than compensates for with his unwavering, though at times lonely, stand on improving the lot of the suppressed and powerless around the world.

Our little boy, of course, is our president.

Instead of comfortably semi-retiring into a honeymoon of complacency and feel-good maneuvers on the domestic and international fronts, President Bush has declared that our country will “heed the calling of our time,” and embark on a “mission to spread liberty to every region of the globe,” as The New York Times reported.

I’m one of millions who support the War on Terrorism. And, I’m one of many who support the war in Iraq. But I guess I’m one of the very few who are fully behind the president in his crusade to spread democracy and liberty around the world.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not your typical red-neck conservative nor a blind follower of anyone. I am 50 percent Libertarian, 30 percent Republican and 20 percent Democrat. I’ve lived and worked for many years overseas, and I’ve seen the really oppressed and powerless first hand, which may account for my compassion for improving their lot, even when our purpose there may seem otherwise.

On many issues, I take surprisingly unconventional stances, which may, at first, appear not to make any sense, but once explained in detail to those intelligent and willing enough to listen, will convert many. But since, in this politically charged and highly polarized era, those who are willing to listen to opposite views have probably become an extinct species. I admit I probably haven’t converted many souls. Nevertheless, I’ll soldier on. For I believe that time will convert more than reasons do. Therefore, though I do not discourage the reader to listen to me, get enlightened and convert, one of the main purposes of my columns is to stick a claim in history that I’ve said what I’m going to say.

Throughout the semester I’ll take on many contentious issues, and I’ll provide unconventional takes on these issues and my outrageous proposals on how to (or not to) tackle these problems. I may delight in having attracted the attention of and gained approval from some similarly-minded, equally independent-thinking and highly intelligent readers. I may even become friends with some of you. But one thing is for sure: My columns will make more enemies than friends, and some, sadly, may even contemplate the unthinkable, such as taking a life for an expressed opinion. Hence, the pseudonym.

I don’t claim that this column will be a great one. I don’t pretend that it’ll be beneficial to everybody who reads it. Like President Bush’s international policy, only time will tell. And since no one can tell the future, all it takes is faith. And it is with faith that we have elected George Bush to a second term.

So buckle up, and let’s roll.

Michael J. Greenberg is a graduate student and a columnist for the Daily Kent Stater.

Editor’s note: Michael J. Greenberg is a pseudonym. He can be contacted through the editor at [email protected].