Unlocking your inner psychic ability

Amber Hyland

Forget Miss Cleo and your faith in 900 numbers. Kent psychics say anyone can predict the future

Credit: Andrew popik

A ghostlike Native American woman appears in the room.

For a glimmer of a second, the spirit brings a sense of calm.

Like the twinkling of a star blanketed by thick cloud cover, the spirit disappears from sight.

Call it hallucination, contact from another realm or an image from a waking dream.

She calls it the most beautiful moment of her life, her spirit guide and one of her many visions.

Lydia Gamble, co-owner of Celestial Aspects, doubted her own psychic abilities when she was a college student. Friends told her she should take classes on spirituality to heighten her intuitive abilities.

“I thought, ‘So what? I know it’s my mom on the phone before I pick it up.’ I realized this talent could be used to help people,” Gamble said.

Psychics have hit the mainstream, targeting everyone from teenagers seeking a novelty experience to adults up late watching infomercials. It’s easy to understand the attraction. A price tag is put on the questions to which some need answers: Will I land my dream job? Will I find true love?

Two Kent psychics from Celestial Aspects said everyone could answer these questions for his or herself.

“The main purpose (of Celestial Aspects) is to make people realize that it is not abnormal, and everyone has the ability to tap into their intuition,” said the Rev. Jessiqua Yost, co-owner of Celestial Aspects. “If anyone has feelings about things, they override it with logic.“

Learning to listen

She didn’t expect to see news of the train wreck.

She dreamt of nine dead in a Texas train wreck the night before.

Later broadcasts of an Arkansas train wreck told the story of one dead.

“It wasn’t Texas, but how often do you hear of train wrecks?” said Kristina Irving, a financial adviser. “Anyone can be psychic. Anyone can have precognitions.”

The psychics at Celestial Aspects said they follow the same philosophy — anyone can predict the future.

“It’s not like watching a movie. It’s what is in the mind’s eye, not just a normal picture,” Yost said. “It could be a pencil sketch on a moving background that you see.

“We live on three levels: the physical, the spiritual and the mental. We just chose to live on the physical most of the time.”

Yost described the process of tapping into ones own psychic abilities: Sometimes you know a job is too good to be true. You know not to step off of a street corner. You know who is calling when the phone rings, Yost said.

An easy way to listen to your intuition is to practice meditation, Yost said.

“Most people don’t like to hear that word,” she said. “It means you have to sit and be quiet.”

Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, but people can miss something beneficial by not tapping into their intuition, she said.

The moment freshmen English major Emily Zajdel saw a psychic on Pee Wee Herman’s Big Adventure, she thought all psychics had to be fake.

“Psychic readings are not something I would take seriously,” Zajdel said. “But then again I do read my horoscope.”

Zajdel’s skepticism was put to the test when she met a psychic at the mall.

The woman began to sense that some male in her life had just left her.

“I believed it for a second because I had just broken up with my boyfriend. Just for a second,” Zajdel said.

Gamble said it is OK for some psychics to be caught up in the romance of their profession by dressing like a gypsy, having black cats or making up a psychic name. Yet, there are some things clients may worry about.

“Some of them are obviously out to get money,” senior education major Ashley Lyons said.

While Lyons was on vacation, a psychic ripped off her and a group of friends. The psychic picked a card from the tarot deck and said the same thing to everyone in the group, Lyon said.

“If they (psychics) say they can change your life for you, run like hell,” Yost said. “No one can change your life for you.

“You can’t take people’s hope away. You can’t tell them there is no way out. Once you do that, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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