Supporting local artists and the local art scene

Supporting Local Artists

– John Kluth, FJKluth Art Gallery: Artists can contact Kluth to set up an exhibit at the gallery for no charge. The artists can come in and display their work all day, as long as they take their work with them at the end of the day.

– John Ingram, Standing Rock Cultural Arts: Although individual exhibits are currently booked until February 2009, artists can display work in any of the annual theme shows.

– Kenneth McGregor, The Art Armory: Although McGregor works in his own studio as opposed to a gallery, he still works to support local artists. He created a trademark organization called Made in Kent, which showcases the work local artists earn without an Artist for Hire contract, which is common among companies. These works can be viewed at

Support the Local Art Scene

– FJKluth Art Gallery, 300 North Water Street, (330) 676-1999,

– Standing Rock Cultural Arts, 257 North Water Street, (330) 673-4970,

– Kenneth McGregor of The Art Armory, 136 East Main Street, Suite 7, (330) 677-4277,

– Kent State’s School of Art Gallery, Kent State’s Art Building, (330) 672-7853,

&bull Kent State School of Art’s Downtown Gallery and the Black Squirrel Art Gallery, 141 East Main Street, (330) 676-1549,