Types of coffee (sidebar)

Dark roast: Dark roasts are usually a black or dark brown color, with oils more visible on the beans. They have a heavy body in comparison to the other types of coffee. A body is the heaviness or richness of the coffee. Dark roasts show the deeper flavors of the coffee beans and work well with sweet toppings like nuts or caramel. 

Medium roast: Medium roasts have a lighter brown color than dark roast and a more well-rounded profile of less oily beans. This is the most balanced blend and is most used by casual coffee drinkers. The low acidity and lower body bring a rich taste and doesn’t take away from the beans’ natural flavor. 

Light roast: Light roasts have a tan to light brown color with little to no oil on the beans. It contains a high acid level and a light, low body. It is well known for specialty coffee and has the most unique flavors and blends. Because of this, it is sometimes used for cupping, a way coffee tasters test the aroma of the blend. 

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