Hockey drops second game against Oswego State

Sofia Dlugo Sports reporter

Kent State lost Saturday evening against Oswego State. The Flashes started the first period strong by tying the game 1-1 but lost their speed after the break.  

Oswego scored two more goals in the second period and three in the third to give the team a 6-1 win against Kent State. 

Oswego was able to play a stronger game today, taking an early lead against Kent State in the second period, even when playing back on Kent State’s home ice. Kent State appeared to lose its speed and puck handling capabilities. Oswego managed to keep Kent State in its own zone for the majority of the second and third periods. 

Kent State had 30 shots on goal while Oswego had 42 shots on goal. The Flashes only scored on one of two of their powerplays, and Oswego scored on both of its two powerplays. Oswego was able to control the puck and keep the pace up.

The one goal scored by Kent State was made by freshman forward Zach Zwierecki, and the assist was made by Justin Bioni, a sophomore defenseman. Zwierecki had 11 goals and five assists to give him a total of 16 points this season. 

The point was scored early in the first period to take an early lead over Oswego. After that point, Oswego came back to score at the end of the first period to tie the game. Oswego then followed up by quickly scoring its next two goals early in the second period.

The Flashes tried to protect its goal while playing a defensive game for the last two periods. Kent State has had a record of weaker defense and tends to play a better offensive game when it gets control of the puck.

Kent State plays Drexel University at 7:45 p.m. on Feb 14.  


Sofia Dlugo is a sports reporter. Contact her at [email protected].