New Feminist Leadership Living Learning Community opens fall 2022


Prentice Hall, which used to be a dining hall, will now be used as an engagement space.

Ty Kohler

The new Feminist Leadership Initiative Living-Learning Community will offer financial benefits starting next semester.

Benefits offered will include a $100 book scholarship and funding to attend a future leadership conference, said Cassandra Pegg-Kirby, director of the Women’s Center.

“I have three kids of my own in school still, so I know how expensive books can be,” Pegg-Kirby said. “So we are investing in our students and doing what we can to lift that burden,” Pegg-Kirby said.

The LLC, located in Prentice Hall, will focused on feminist leadership for students interested in issues of gender equity.

Prentice Hall was chosen because of its proximity to the Women’s Center, as well as being named after female trailblazer May H. Prentice, the university’s first female faculty member.

“It’s not women’s leadership, it’s about alternative ways to be a leader,” Pegg-Kirby said. “Everyone can be a leader; it’s just about finding how you can be one.”

Program coordinator Winnie Bush said she hopes the program can help educate those involved in gender equity or get them interested in learning more about it.

“I come from a Nigeria where there is no such thing as being a feminist,” Bush said. “So I see this community as a way to learn about being a feminist or an ally.”

Students who get in the LLC will be expected to take one related class in the fall and participate in two events in the spring.

The one-credit-hour class is called “(R)Evolution Leadership” and is designed to sharpen student’s leadership skills and cover a wide range of topics, according to Pegg-Kirby.

The spring events are a leadership institute and “Elect Her,” both focused on bringing in leaders to speak. “Elect Her” will bring in local government representatives to discuss how to be a leader in any marginalized group, not just women.

Students will also get to meet more leaders through the LLC’s mentorship program, according to Pegg-Kirby.

“In the future we would like some peer mentorship, but for now we have a great community of people who want to give back and connect with students,” Pegg-Kirby said.

Those interested in applying should read the ”How to Join” section on the Women’s Center’s website or contact the Women’s Center directly.

“The work that we do and an opportunity like this is helping students learn who they are and maximize their opportunities,” Pegg-Kirby said. “We’re building a community for those who want an equitable environment for all.”

Ty Kohler is a reporter. Contact him at [email protected].