Killjoys return to Kent for My Chemical Romance themed event


Logan Bates of Akron stands next to a cardboard cutout of Gerard Way, both dressed in the My Chemical Romance marching band uniforms.

Lindsey Sellman Reporter

A sea of plaid, fingerless gloves, and eyeliner flooded The Outpost Concert Club in Kent Friday evening as local fans of emo music showed their love for My Chemical Romance.

Although the rock band was not performing in Kent Friday, they were there in spirit.

Many attendees wore MCR merchandise to the show. Logan Bates of Akron showed his commitment by wearing a replica of the marching band uniforms the rock group wore during the era of their album “The Black Parade.”

Emo Night Kent dedicated its event to celebrating the group’s reunion. Friday’s show was called “Return of the Killjoys.”

The popular rock band has been on hiatus since 2013. Just last October, they announced their return to the stage. Their reunion performance took place in Los Angeles in December.

The name of the show was inspired by the MCR album “Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys,” released in 2010. Each of the four members of the band had “killjoy” alter egos they took on for this era of their career.

 The music group has previously been honored at Emo Night Kent. Last year, the MCR event was in March near the anniversary of the band’s break up.

Trent Parker, who hosts Emo Night Kent, saw their reunion as a chance to celebrate the group again, saying he wanted to “bring the killjoys back to The Outpost.”

Emo Night Kent began almost a year ago by Parker, who was inspired by the original event of the same name in Los Angeles. Friday’s show was DJed by Parker’s friend, Christian Jackson, who goes by the stage name “DJ Jaxxon.”

“Danger Days” is the most recent album released from the band that, before their reunion, had not performed live together since 2012.

Previous themes for Emo Night Kent included LGBTQ pride in June and a Fall Out Boy show.

“My passion is the music so I always try to make it a band theme,” Parker said. “I try to stick to the bands that we really love and are passionate about.”

Parker enjoys putting on Emo Night Kent because he believes it creates a safe space for fans of the music to come together as a community.

“We all kind of feel like misfits sometimes, so it’s a way to get all of us together,” Parker said. “We’re all family. We’re all friends here.”

Updates on the next Emo Night Kent can be found on  the event’s Facebook page.

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