DIII Flashes drop game against Denison, despite early lead

Sofia Dlugo Sports reporter

Kent State University DIII hockey played away at Denison Friday night and lost by only one point.  The game ended at 6-5, despite Kent State leading in the beginning of the game.

The lead held up until the beginning of the third period.  

At the end of the second period, the score was 5-3 and Kent State was up by two.  

Early in the third, Denison was able to score to give the team a soon-to-be three point streak. Kent State was able to score one more point in the third period to give them only a one-point loss. 

Kent State and Denison found themselves tied at the end of the first period, making it look like a tight game.  As Kent State approached the second period it looked to be even more alive and aggressive and were able to bring the team to a two-point lead.  

While both teams came back from the first intermission rested and ready, they both also appeared to be very aggressive.  Denison was unable to let Kent State get too much of a lead against them and was able to score three more points in the third period.  

While the Flashes were able to score four points and take the lead in the second period, they were unfortunately unable to keep up with Denison.

Kent State has not played a road game in a while and hopefully, the team can have this aggression and strength against Denison again tomorrow.

If Kent State can keep up the aggression and pace it was at for the second period of tonight’s game tomorrow, then Kent State will have no problem beating Denison. 

Kent State University DIII Hockey plays Duquesne University at 8 p.m. Saturday evening at the Ice Arena.

Sofia Dlugo is a sports reporter. Contact her at [email protected].