On this day two years ago classes went virtual

Reegan Saunders, Assigning Editor

Exactly two years ago, the spread of COVID-19 led to Kent State closing its door and moving to fully remote instruction. It was the beginning of an unprecedented set of changes, not only for the university but for the world. 

In an email sent to the Kent State community March 13, 2022, president Todd Diacon recognized the challenges the COVID-19 pandemic has created. He expressed his faith in the community’s commitment to take care of each other. 

“Because of all you have done, we have continued to thrive even during the most difficult of circumstances,” Diacon said in the email. “Because our students displayed grit and flexibility, they weathered an unprecedented crisis with fortitude and grace. Because of the support of our faculty and staff, students continued their studies and some 10,000 have earned their degrees since the pandemic began.”

Diacon praised the progress the university has made despite the pandemic, including earning an R1 research designation and being named the best university in the U.S. for global education. 

He also mentioned the crisis of racism in America and the incident on Kent campus where hate speech was written on the campus rock.

“We learned that we are not separated from the nation’s ills and challenges,” Diacon said. 

In his initial message to the university community March 13, 2020, Diacon thanked the community for their empathy and forbearance. Today he thanked them for continuing to stick together.

“In this new world, Flashes will continue to take care of Flashes,” Diacon said. 

Reegan Saunders is an assigning editor. Contact them at [email protected].